Anderer Länder Folksongs of various Countries

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O a beggar man cam' ower yon lea
O a hungry feeling it came o'er me stealing
O a wan cloud was drawn o'er the dim weeping dawn - Melody
O all the money e'er I had
O Angiolina bela Angiolina
O as I roved out of a bright May morning calm and clear was the weather
O as I walked down the Landing Stage
O as it happened on last Saturday night - Melody
O Battaglion Toscano
O Blow the man down bullies Blow the man down - Melody
O Boys Carry Me Long - Melody
O Bridgit O'Malley
O brothers come hither and list to my story
O Bury Me Beneath the Willow
O Bury me not on the Lone Prairie
O Canada - Melody - Notes1 - 2
O che bel
O Christmas Tree - Melody - Notes
O Columbia the Gem of the Ocean
O come by the hills to the land where fancy is free
O come list awhile and you soon shall hear
O Danny Boy - Melody
O de boll weevil am a little black bug
O Dear What Can the Matter Be - Melody
O Dearest of dear ones
O Dem Golden Slippers - Melody - Notes
O dierbaar België - Melody
O Dio del cielo
O do my Johnny Boker
O don't you remember a long time ago - Melody
O fare you well I wish you well
O fare you well sweet Cootehill town
O farewell you streets of sorrow
O father dear, I oft-times hear - Melody
O first I came a-courted
O Flower of Scotland - Melody
O Gae To the Kye Wi' Me Johnny
O gaily sings the lark
O Genevieve I'd give the world - Melody
O giovani ardenti
O give me a home where the buffaloes roam - Melody - Melody
O give me land lots of land - Melody
O Gorizia tu sei maledetta
O had you seen the Coolun
O hark the dogs are barking, love - Melody
O Heer die daer des Hemels tente sprey't
O how can it be they have driven
O How Lovely Is the Evening
O hush thee my baby
O I do like to be beside the seaside
O I forbid you maidens a'
O I have a ship in the North Country
O I never thought she would prove false
O I wish I was in the land of cotton - Melody
O I'm going to leave her
O I'm on my way down to the quay
O in eighteen hundred and forty-one
O it happened one ev'ning at the playing of the ball
O It's a Lovely War
O Jacobe - Melody - Notes
O Johnny, Oh Johnny, Oh
O Johnny be fair and Johnny be fine he wants me for to wed
Õ kàd išaúštu auštu aušruze - Melody
O lassie art thou sleeping yet
O legionari, in alto i gagliardetti- Melody
O life is a toil, and love is a trouble - Melody
O Limerick is beautiful as everybody knows
O listen to the tale of a poor Irish harper - Melody
O Lizzer sweet Lizzer
O Loving Heart, Trust - Melody
O mamma mia dammi cento lire
O Maria die daar staat
O Mary dear or Mary fair
O Mary this London's a wonderful sight - Melody
O me name is Dick Darby I'm a cobbler
O me name is Jimmy Swaggert I'm a preacher
O me name is Joe McDonnell
O me name is MacNamara
O me Rosie, coal black rose - Melody
O meu chapéu tem três bicos - Melody
O Mr Porter
O my aged Uncle Arly
O My boat can safely float
O my darling Clementine - Melody
O My Honey Take Me Back
O my love has an eye of the softest blue
O my love's like a red red rose - Melody
O my name is Jock Stewart
O my traps are all a-jangle - Melody
O nebber count de bubbles - Melody
O No John - Melody
O now brave boys we're on for marching
O one pleasant evening in the month of June - Melody
O Paddy dear and did hear - Melody
O Peggy Gordon you are my darling
O Pilot 'tis a fearful night
O poor old Dicey Reilly
O poor old Reuben Ranzo
O Poor Robinson Crusoe
O Rattlin' Roarin' Willie - Melody
O Rio
O Rowan Tree - Melody
O Sally Brown of New York City
O Santa Anna fought for fame
O Sari Marès belle amie d'autrefois - Melody
O Say Can You See - Melody - Notes 1  2 
O say were you ever in Rio Grande
O see the fleet-foot hosts of men
O see ye not yon hills and dales
O Shenandoah I long to hear you - Melody
O Signore dal tetto natìo
O Signore delle Cime
O sole mio - Melody
O store Gud (How great Thou Art) - Melody
O Stormy's gone that good old man
O Susanna - Melody
O Susanna's a funny old man - Melody

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