The Hedge-Schoolmaster to his Love

Melody -

1. Oh Dearest of dear ones,
Oh sweeter than sweetness!
Than the birds on the mountains
More fleet in your fleetness,
With your hair on the wind
Like a stream of fine amber,
You came through the mist
Like the sun in September.

2. As I went at your side
In the midst of your brightness,
Like a silver swayed birch
Was your lithe lissom lightness,
Your hand was in mine
And our hearts beat together
And little we cared
For the world and its weather.
  3. Below in the town
They were wrangling and brawling,
On the high hills of heaven
The soft rain was falling,
The soft rain, the sweet rain,
So silverly shining,
That it charmed us and lulled us
Till day was declining.

4. Then, hand clasped in hand,
With a riot of laughter,
We ran to the town
And the rain followed after,
Till he tired at the last
Of his splashing and streaming,
And the lovely lit stars
Through our window came dreaming.

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