The Jimmy Swaggert Song

Melody - Dick Darby The Cobbler - Celtic Pride: In Strange Form

1. Oh, me name is Jimmy Swaggert, I'm a preacher,
I used to save souls on TV
But they caught me carousing with floozies
And they've taken my program from me!

2. Well, when I was a lad, ma would scold me
Sayin' "James, keep your hands off your crotch!"
Well to do so was "dirty" she told me,
But she never said I couldn't watch!
  3. Well, they labeled Jim Bakker a pervert,
And they called me a lecher, it's true;
Even though I never did nothin'
I just asked for a room with a view....

4. Well, my sorrows they soon will be over,
And I'll soon be a rich man again,
For I've just sold my story to Playboy,
And the movie rights to MGM!

With me ing twing of an ing thing of an eye do
W'i me ing twing of an ing thing of an eye day,
W'i me roo-boo-boo roo-boo-boo randy,
And me bankroll gets bigger each day!

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