Ring Ring de Banjo

Melody - Stephen C. Foster, 1850

Stephen C. Foster

1. Oh! nebber count de bubbles
While dere's water in de spring,
De darkey hab no troubles
While he got dis song to sing.
De beauties ob creation
Will nebber lose der charm
While I roam de old plantation
Wid my true lub on my arm.

Ring, ring de Banjo!
I like dat good old song,
Come again my true-lub,
Oh! wha you been so long.

2. De time is nebber dreary,
If de darkey nebber groans;
De ladies nebber weary
Wid de rattle ob de bones;
Den come again Susanna
By de gaslight ob de moon;
We'll tum de old Piano
When de banjo's out ob tune.
  3. Once I was so lucky,
My massa set me free,
I went to old Kentucky
To see what I could see:
I could not go no farder,
I turn to massa's door,
I lub him all the harder,
I'll go away no more.

4. Early in de morning
Ob a lubly summer day,
My massa send me warning
He'd like to hear me play.
On de banjo tapping,
I come wid dulcem strain;
Massa fall a napping __
He'll nebber wake again.

5. My lub, I'll hab to leabe you
While de ribber's runnin' high;
But I nebber can deceibe you __
So don't you wipe your eye.
I's guine to make some money;
But I'll come anodder day __
I'll come again my honey,
If I hab to work my way.

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