Cyfri'r Geifr Counting the Goats
Melody -

English by William Cole and Peter J. Stephens

Where is the goat? It's time for milking
Off among the craggy rocks
The old goat is wand'ring.
|: Goat white, white, white
With her lip white, lip white, lip white
With her tail white, with her tail white
With her tail and flank white,
White, white, white. :|
(On repeat increase speed of melody
AND follow with all preceding colors).

2. Goat black, black, black
With her lip black, lip black, lip black
With her tail black, with her tail black
With her tail and flank black,
Black, black, black. :|

3. Goat red, red, red
With her lip red, lip red, lip red
With her tail red, with her tail red
With her tail and flank red,
Red, red, red.

4. Goat blue, blue, blue
With her lip blue, lip blue, lip blue
With her tail blue, with her tail blue
With her tail and flank blue,
Blue, blue, blue.

  Oes gafr eto, oes heb ei godro?
Ar y creigiau geirwon
Mae'r hen afr yn crwydro.
|: Gafr wen, wen, wen,
Ie fin wen, fin wen, fin wen,
Foel gynffon wen, foel gynffon wen,
Ystlys wen a chynffon,
Wen, wen, wen. :|

2. |: Gafr ddu, ddu, ddu,
Ie fin ddu, fin ddu, fin ddu,
Foel gynffon ddu, foel gynffon ddu,
Ystlys ddu a chynffon,
Ddu, ddu, ddu. :|

3. |: Gafr goch, goch, goch,
Ie fin goch, fin goch, fin goch,
Foel gynffon goch, foel gynffon goch,
Ystlys goch a chynffon,
Goch, goch, goch. :|

4. |: Gafr las, las, las,
Ie fin las, fin las, fin las,
Foel gynffon las, foel gynffon las,
Ystlys las a chynffon,
Las, las, las. :|

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