The West's Awake

Melody -

1. When all beside a vigil keep
The West's asleep, the West's asleep
Alas! And well may Erin weep
When Connacht lies in slumber deep
There lake and plain smile fair and free
'Mid rocks their guardian chivalry
Sing, oh! let man learn liberty
From crashing wind and lashing sea.

2. That chainless wave and lovely land
Freedom and nationhood demand
Be sure the great God never planned
For slumbering slaves a home so grand!
And long a brave and haughty race
Honoured and sentinelled the place
Sing, oh! not even their sons' disgrace
Can quite destroy their glory's trace.
  3. For often, in O'Connor's van
To triumph dashed each Connacht clan
And fleet as deer the Normans ran
Through Corrsliabh Pass and Ardrahan
And later times saw deeds as brave
And glory guards Clanrickard's grave
Sing, oh! they died their land to save
At Aughrim's slopes and Shannon's wave.

4. And if, when all a vigil keep
The West's asleep! The West's asleep!
Alas! And well may Erin weep
That Connacht lies in slumber deep
But, hark! A voice like thunder spake
The West's awake! The West's awake!
Sing, oh! Hurrah! Let England quake!
We'll fight till death for Ireland's sake.

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