The Mulligan Guards

Melody -

1. We crave your condescension,
We'll tell you what we know
Marching in the Mulligan Guards
In the Seventh Ward below;
Our Captain's name was Hussey,
A Tipperary man
He carried his sword like a "Rooshian Duke"
When e'er he took command.

We shouldered arms and marched
And marched away
From Jackson Street
We marched to Avenue A.
With fifes and drums,
How sweetly they did play;
As we marched, marched, marched
In the Mulligan Guards.
  2. When the band played Garry Owen
Or the Connemara Pet,
We'd march in the mud with a rub-a-dub-dub
In the military step
With Green above the Red, boys,
To show where we'd came from
Our guns we'd lift with a right shoulder shift
As we march to the beat of the drum.

3. When we got home at night, boys,
The divil a bite we'd ate,
We'd all sit up and drink a sup
Of whisky strong and nate
Then we'd all march home together
As slippery as lard,
The solid men would all fall in
And march with the Mulligan Guard.

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