Paul Vane   The Answer to Lorena

Melody - Joseph Philbrick Webster, 1819-1875

Henry DeLafayette Webster, 1824-1896

The years are creeping slowly by, dear Paul
The winters come and go:
The wind sweeps past, with mournful cry, dear Paul,
And pelt my face with snow;
But there's no snow upon the heart, dear Paul,
'Tis Summer always there;
Those early loves throw sunshine over all,
And sweeten mem'ries dear!

I thought it easy to forget, dear Paul,
Life glow'd with youthful hope:
The glorious future gleamed yet, dear Paul,
And bade us clamber up.
They, frowning, said: it must not — cannot be:
Break, now, the hopeless bands!
And, Paul, you know how well, that bitter day,
I bent to their commands!

I've kept you ever in my heart, dear Paul,
Thro' years of good and ill;
Our SOULS could not be torn apart, dear Paul,
They're bound together still.
I never knew how dear you were to me,
'Till I was left alone;
I thought my poor, poor heart would break, the day
They told me you were gone.

Perhaps we'll never, never meet, dear Paul,
Upon this earth again!
But THERE where happy Angels greet, dear Paul,
You'll meet Lorena there.
Together, up the ever-shining way,
We'll press with hoping heart
Together thro' the bright eternal day,
And never more to part!

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