The Weary Pund o' Tow

Melody -

Robert Burns, after an older song of the same title

The weary pund, the weary pund,
The weary pund o' tow,
I think my wife will end her life
Before she spin her tow.

I baught my wife a stane o' lint,
As good as e'er did grow;
And a' that she hae made o' that,
Is ae poor pund o' tow.
  There sat a bottle in a bole,
Beyond the ingle low;
And aye she took the tither souk,
To drouk the stourie tow.

Quoth I: "For shame, ye dirty dame,
Gae spin your tap o' tow."
She took the rock and wi' a knock
She brak it o'er my pow.

At last her feet, I sang to see't,
Gaed foremost o'er the knowe;
And or I wad another jad,
I'll wallop in a tow.

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