Melody -

Thomas B. Teven

1. There are times when I long to go
To the place I know so well
I remember the time I sailed away
Though the pain in my heart has healed
I can't forget the town
The town where I spent all my childhood days.

2. All the friends that I left behind
At the crossroads on that morn
How I'd love to see them all again
My shoulders are still aching
From the hug my old man gave
And my cheeks still feels my mother's kiss so warm.
  3. All the gold and silver that I've seen
Along the paths I've trod
Could not pay for the friends I have lost
And all the lands that I have been
They never could compare
To that dear land that I still love the most.

4. Though they say there is no going back
To what you left behind
And that memories are all that's left to save
So I will treasure all of them
Until I pass away
And they'll give me comfort when I'm in my grave.

Still the free bird will fly with the wind
Seeking new horizons every day
And the breezes will carry them wherever they may blow
Only hoping to fly back again some day.

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