Lowlands of Holland

Melody -

1. The night that I was married
And lay in marriage bed
Up came a bold sea captain
And stood at my bedhead.

2. Saying, "Rise, arise, new wedded man
And come along with me
To the lowlands of Holland
For to face your enemy."

3. Now Holland is a lovely land
And in it grows fine grain
It is a place of residence
For soldiers to remain.
  4. Where the sugar cane is plentiful
And the tea grows on each tree
I never had but the one sweetheart
And he's far away from me.

5. For the stormy winds began to blow
And the seas did loudly roar
And the captain or his gallant ship
Was never seen no more.

6. Says the mother to the daughter
"Leave off your sore lament
There's men enough in Galway
For to be your heart's content."

7. There's men enough in Galway
But, alas, there's none for me
Since the high winds and rolling seas
Parted my love and me.

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