The Dying Rebel

Melody -

1. The night was dark and the fight had ended
The moon shone down O'Connell Street.
I stood alone where brave men perished,
They've gone, they've gone their god to meet.

2. Well first I met a crying mother
Kneeling by her young son's side
She said they knew my son's kind-hearted
They knew my son would never yield.
  3. Then next I met a grey haired father,
Searching for his only son.
I said, "my man, there's no use searchin',
For straight to heaven your son has gone."

4. Then last I met the dying rebel
Kneeling low I heard him say:
God bless my home in dear Cork city,
God bless the cause for which I die.

My only son was shot in Dublin,
Fighting for his country bold.
He fought for Ireland and Ireland's only,
The harp and shamrock, green, white, and gold!

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