Wha'll be King but Charlie?

Melody -

Lady Nairne

The news frae Moidart cam' yestreen,
Will soon gar monie ferlie;
For ships o' war hae just came in,
And landit Royal Charlie.

Come thro' the heather,
Aound him gather,
Ye're a' the welcomer early;
Around him cling wi' a' your kin;
For wha'll be King but Charlie?
Come thro' the heather,
Aound him gather,
Come Ronald come Donald,
Come a' thegither,
And crown your rightfu' lawfu' King!
For wha'll be King but Charlie?

  2. The Hieland clans, wi' sword in hand,
Frae John o' Groats to Airlie,
Hae to a man declred to stand
Or fa' wi' royal Charlie.

3. The lowlands a', baith great an' sma,
Wi' mony a Lord and Laird, hae
Declar'd for Scotia's king an' law,
An speir ye wha but Charlie.

4. There's ne'er a lass in a' the lan'
But vows baith late an' early,
She'll ne'er to man gie her heart nor han',
Wha wadna fecht for Charlie.

5. Then there's a health to Charlies cause,
And be't complete an' early;
His very name our heart's blood warms;
To arms for Royal Charlie!

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