The Girl I Love (Sud i sios an caoin ban alain og)

Melody -

J. J. Callanan 1795 - 1827

1. The girl I love is comely, straight, and tall,
Down her white neck her auburn tresses fall;
Her dress is neat, her carriage light and free
Here's a health to that charming maid, who'er she be!

2. The rose's blush but fades beside her cheek,
Her eyes are blue, her forehead pale and meek,
Her lips like cherries on a summer tree
Here's a health to the charming maid, who'er she be!
  3. When I go to the field no youth can lighter bound,
And I freely pay when the cheerful jug does round;
The barrel is full, but its heart we soon shall see
Come, here's to that charming maid, who'er she be!

4. Had I the wealth that props the Saxon's reign,
Or the diamond crown that decks the King of Spain,
I'd yield them all if she kindly smiled on me
Here's a health to the maid I love, who'er she be!

5. Five pounds of gold for each lock of her hair I'd pay,
And five times five for my love one hour each day;
Her voice is more sweet than the thrush on its own green tree
Then, my dear, may I drink a fond deep health to thee!

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