The Harp Without a Crown

Melody -

1. Sometimes we sail for Liverpool
Sometimes we sail for France
Sometimes we sail for Dublin town
To give the girls a chance.

2. Sometimes we're bound for furrin' parts
Sometimes we're bound for home.
For Johhny's (Paddy's) always at his best
Wherever he may roam.

3. Sometimes the weather's fine and fair
Sometimes it's damn well foul
Sometimes it blows a Cape 'Orn gale
That freezes up your soul.
  4. Sometimes we work as hard as hell
Sometimes our grub it stinks
Enough to make a sojer curse
Or make a bishop blink.

5. Sometimes we wish we'd niver jined
Sometimes we'd like to be
A-sittin in a pub, me bhoys
A gal sat on each knee.

6. And when the voyage is all done
And we are off to shore
We'll spend our money on the gels
and go to see no more.

Hurrah! Hurrah! For the girls of Dub-a-lin town
Hurrah for the bonny green flag
And the harp without the crown.

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