San Min Zhu Yi
The Three Principles of the People
National anthem of the Republic of China

Melody -


San Min Zhu Yi, wu guo suo zong,
Yi jian minguo, yi jin Datong.
Zi er duo shi, wei min qianfeng,
Su ye fei xie zhuyi shi cong.
Shi qin shi yong, bi xin bi zhong,
Yi xin yi de, guan che shi zhong
Tr. Ed Peaslee 1999

The Three Principles of the People are our nation's goal,
To establish democracy, and achieve the Great Unity.
Lead on comrades; you are the vanguards of the people,
Day and night always vigilant, holding fast to your principles.
Be industrious and brave, trustworthy and loyal
One mind one virtue, steadfast from beginning to end.

The Three Principles of the People advanced by Dr. Sun Yat-sen were: nationalism, democracy and livelihood. The Great Unity (Datong) goes back to the idea of political evolution found in the Confucian classics, the last stage of which was the Great Unity. San Min Zhu Yi was originally the song of the Kuomintang. The word "guo" (nation) was substituted for "dang" (party) in the first line when it became the national anthem.

The words are in classical Chinese (wenyen). The usual translations omit a lot of the meaning in order to fit the music. I have attempted to provide a fuller translation.

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