Peggy O'Neil

Melody & Text: - Harry Pease, Ed.G.Nelson and Gilbert Dodge 1921

1. Peggy O'Neil
Is a girl who could steal
Any heart, anywhere, any time
And I'll put you wise,
how you'll recognize
This wonderful girl of mine.
  2. Ev'rything's planned
for a wedding so grand.
In the spring I will bring her the ring
Then somewhere in town
we'll both settle down
And all thro' the day I'll sing

|: If her eyes are blue as skies,
   That's Peggy O'Neil,
   If she's smiling all the while,
   That's Peggy O'Neil,
   If she walks like a sly little rogue
   If she talks with a cute little brogue,
   Sweet personality
   Full of rascality
   That's Peggy O'Neil. :|

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