The Newfoundland Dog

Melody - Henry Russell, 1843 (1812-1900)

F. W. N. Bailey

Life saver! Wave stemmer!
Deep diver! away!
Night's shadows are closing
The portals of day;
On the breast of the billow
We hear his low wail,
We have put up the rudder,
And furl'd up the sail.

No signal from Heaven
Will show where, he be;
And where e'er he be driven,
We men cannot see.

Ho! Carlo! Newfoundland!
Go follow his cry,
As it gaspingly answers
The sea moaners sigh;

The boat shall be lower'd,
The men shall belay,
Life saver! Wave stemmer!
Deep diver, away!
  Away! fetch him out!
Fetch him up! seize him! ho!
|: Mount the wave dog! :| ha!
Down down below!

Hark! watch! bear a hand,
Bring a light
Not a sound
Bring a light
Hark! there's a moan.

Yes the waves moaning over the drown'd
God's spirit preserve him,
Amen and amen.

Hist! a flash and a motion
Ha! Carlo, Ha! Carlo, again,
Good dog, then, good dog, then
Bear a hand, then, pull tight,
A boat hook a boat hook,
He's in and all right;
Come, Carlo, quick, follow,
Fine fellow hard strife,

Wave stemmer!
Deep diver! we owe you a life.

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