The Lads of Virginia

Melody -

Come all you young fellows
Wherever you be
Come listen awhile
And I'll tell ye,
Concerning the hardships
That we undergo,
When we got lagh'd to Virginia.

Such clever young fellows
Myself I have seen,
That is more fitting to
Serve George our King.
Those hard hearted judges
So cruel have been,
To lag us poor lads to Virginia.

When I was an apprentice
In fair London town
Many hours serv'd duly and truly,
Till those buxom young lasses
Led me astray,
My work I neglected
More and more every day
And for to maintain it
Went on the highway,
By that I got lagh'd to Virginia.

When we came to Virginia
That old ancient town,
The place that is so much admired
Where the captain he stands
With the cane in his hand
With our aching hearts
Before him doth stand
With the tears in our eyes
In a foreign land,
Was sold for a slave in Virginia.

When I was in England
I could live at my ease,
Rest my bones down on soft leathers,
With a jug in my hand
And a lass on my knee,
I thought myself fit for all weathers:
But now in Virginia I lay like a dog,
Our pillows at night is a brick or a log,
We dress and undress
Like some other sea hog,
How hard is our fate in Virginia.

Old England Old England
I shall ne'er see more
If I do it's ten thousand to twenty,
My bones are quite rotten
My feet is quite sore,
I'm parched with the fever
And am at death's door.
But if ever I live to see
Seven years more,
Then I'll bid adieu to Virginia.

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