Paddy Get Back

Melody -

Capstan Shanty

I was broke and out of a job in the city of London,
I went down to Shadwell Docks to get a ship.

Paddy get back, take in the slack!
Heave away the capstan, heave a pawl! heave a pawl!
'Bout ship and stations and be handy,
Rise tacks and sheets and mains'l haul!

2. There was a Yankee ship a-laying in the basin,
And they told me she was going to New York.

3. If I ever lay my hands on that shipping master,
I'll murder him if it's the last thing I do.

4. When the pilot left the ship 'way down the Channel,
O, the captain told us we were going around Cape Horn.

5. The mate and the second mate belonged in Boston,
And the captain hailed from Bangor down in Maine.

6. The three of them were rough-and-tumble fighters,
When not fighting amongst themselves they turned on us.

7. They called us out one night to reef the topsails,
Now belaying pins were flying around the deck.

8. And we came on deck and went to set the topsails,
Not a man in the bunch could sing a song.

9. We are tinkers, we are tailors, and the fireman also cooks,
And they couldn't sing a shanty unless they had the books.

10. Wasn't that a bunch of hoodlums,
For to take a ship around Cape Horn?

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