The Loughgall Ambush

Melody -

Gerry Ó Glacain (Irish Brigade)

I've sung so many songs of fallen heroes
I really thought I had said it all
But if a song can fill our hearts and rise our spirits
We will sing about our martyrs of Loughgall

Well the Irish nation bowed its head in sorrow
Such sadness this country has seldom known
For Monaghan has lost a gallant soldier
With seven more from green Tyrone

It was on a warm and misty Friday evening
The scent of apple blossom filled the air
That village street seemed quiet and deserted
but hidden eyes were watching every where

Oh the digger bomb had only reached its target
The trap was sprung and gunfire filled the air
The SAS did not want any prisoners
"Shoot to kill", their orders were quite clear
  Well they butchered eight brave volunteers that evening
they were kicked and punched in case they were not dead
They dragged them up and down that Armagh village
And filled their bodies full of British lead

Did you think it would teach us all a lesson?
At such savagery the whole world was appalled
Oh don't you know that there's a hundred more men waiting
For every one you butchered at Loughgall

Farewell to Paddy Kelly and Jim Lynagh
no more you will lead your gallant unit forth
Side by side with Padraig Mc Kearny and Tony Gormley
you died to drive the British from the north

Declan Arthurs and youthful Seamus Donnelly
on that night you were the youngest of them all
And Gerry O'Callaghan and the gallant Eugene Kelly
Oh your blood still stains the pavement at Loughgall

Oh England do you really think it's over?
If you do, you're going to have to kill us all
For until you take your murderers out of Ireland
We will make you rue the blood spilled at Loughgall

On 8 May, 1987 Eight men from the East Tyrone brigade of the Provisional IRA attempted to blow up and occupy Loughgall RUC station but the RUC and SAS were expecting them and greeted the eight with over a thousand rounds, carpeting the area with spent shell casings.

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