Craigie Hill

Melody -

1. It being in spring
And the small birds they were singing
Down by a shady arbour
I carelessly did stray
Where the thrushes, they were warbling
The violets, they were charming
For to view two lovers talking
A while I did delay.

2. She said, "My dear,
Don't leave me all for another season
Though fortune may be pleasing
I'll go along with you
I'll give up friends and relations
And quit this Irish nation
And to the bonnie Bann banks
Forever I'll bid adieu."

3. He said, "My dear,
Don't grieve me or yet annoy my patience
You know I love you dearly
Although I'm going away
I'm going to some foreign nation
To purchase a plantation
For to comfort us
Hereafter all in America.
  4. The landlords and their agents,
Their bailiffs and their beagles
The land of our forefathers
We're forced for to give o'er
And we're sailing on the ocean
For honor and promotion
And we're parting with our sweethearts,
It's them we do adore.

5. If you were in your bed
Lying and thinking of dying
One sight of the bonny Bann banks,
Your sorrows you'd give o'er
And if you were but one hour
All in her shady bower
Pleasure would surround you,
You'd think on death no more.

6. So fare thee well, sweet Craigie Hill,
Where oft times I have roved in
I never thought in my childhood days
I'd part you any more
But we're sailing on the ocean
For honour and promotion
And the bonny boat's sailing
Way down by Doorin shore.

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