Seeds of Love

Melody -

I sowed the seeds of love,
And I sowed them in the spring;
I gather'd them up
In the morning so soon,
|: While the small birds so sweetly sing. :|

My garden was planted well
With flowers ev'rywhere;
And I had not the liberty
To choose for myself
|: Of the flowers that I love dear. :|

The gard'ner was standing by;
And I asked him to choose for me.
He chose for me the violet,
The lily and the pink,
|: But those I refused all three. :|
  The violet I did not like,
Because it blooms so soon.
The lily and the pink
I really overthink,
|: So I vow'd that I would wait till June. :|

In June there was a red rosebud,
And that is the flow'r for me.
I oftentimes have pluck'd
That red rosebud
|: Till I gained the willow tree. :|

The willow tree will twist
And the willow tree will twine.
I oftentimes have wish'd
I were in that young man's arms
|: That once had the heart of rnine. :|

Come all you false young men,
Do not Ieave me here to complain;
For the grass that has oftentimes
Been trampled under foot,
|: Give it time, it will rise up again. :|

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