The Juice of the Barley

Melody -

1. In the sweet country Lim'rick,
One cold winter's night
All the turf fires were burning
When I first saw the light;
And a drunken old midwife
Went tipsy with joy
As she danced round the floor
With her slip of a boy,

2. Well when I was a gossoon
Of eight years old or so
With me turf and me primer
To school I did go.
To a dusty old school house
Without any door,
Where lay the school master
Blind drunk on the floor,

3. At the learning I wasn't
Such a genius I'm thinking,
But I soon bet the master
Entirely at drinking,
Not a wake or a wedding
For five miles around,
But meself in the corner
Was sure to be found.
  4. One Sunday the priest
Thread me out from the altar
Saying you'll end up your days
With your neck in a halter;
And you'll dance a fine jig
Between heaven and hell
And his words they did frighten me
The truth for to tell,

5. So the very next morning
As the dawn it did break
I went down to the vestry
The pledge for to take,
And there in that room
Sat the priests in a bunch
Round a big roaring fire
Drinking tumblers of punch,

6. Well from that day to this
I have wandered alone
I'm a jack of all trades
And a master of none,
With the sky for me roof
And the earth for me floor,
And I'll dance out my days
Frinking whiskey galore,

Singing ban-ya-na mo if an-ga-na
And the juice of the barley for me.

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