Padraig Pearse

Melody -

1. In Dublin town in nineteen sixteen
A flame of freedom did arise
A group of men with determination
Caught an empire by surprise
Through the streets our men were marching
They rallied with their hopes and fears
And the End the boys came searching
For their leader Padraig Pearse.

2. On Easter morn he faced the nation
From the steps of the G.P.O.
And read aloud the proclamation,
The seed of nationhood to sow.
But soon the word had spread to London
Of an insurrection there at hand
And the deeds of Padraic Pearse
Was set about to free his land.
  3. For five long days the battle rages,
For five long nights the battle wore
We will watch as Dublin City blazes
And see our men fall through the floor
No Ireland's proud of her effort
For her cause we fought with pride
But to save more life and to save our city,
We make our peace with McFainis cried.

4. Kilmainham Jail in 1916,
They brought young Pearse to his death cell
And they tried him as a traitor
To shoot this man who dared to rebel
He only tried to free his country
Of the shackles of 800 years.
When dawn did break on that May morning
They shot our Leader Padraic Pearse.

The poet and the Irish rebel a Gaelic scholar and a visionary
We gave to him no fitting tribute
When Ireland's at peace only that can be
When Ireland a nation, united and free.

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