The Merry Ploughboy (Green on the Green Boy)

Melody -

Dominic Behan

1. I am a green on the green boy,
And I'm here to sing to you
And in case you didn't know it,
I'm Irish thru and thru.

2. No matter where I chance to roam,
Over land or sea or sky
Beneath the orange, white and green,
For Ireland, boys, I'll die!

We're off to Dublin in the green, in the green
Where the helmets glisten in the sun
Where the bayonets flash and the rifles crash
To the echo of a Thompson gun.

3. I am a merry ploughboy
And I ploughed the fields all day
Till a sudden thought came to my head
That I should roam away.

4. For I'm tired of civilian life
Since the day that I was born
So I'm off to join the IRA
And I'm off tomorrow morn.
  Alternate Refrain:
And we're off to Dublin with the green on the green
And the bayonets glitterin' in the sun
And the Tans they fly like lightnin' from
The rattle of me Thompson gun!

5. I'll leave aside my pick and spade,
I'll leave aside my plough
I'll leave aside my old grey mare,
No more I'll need them now.

6. And I'll leave aside my Mary,
She's the one that I adore
I wonder if she'll think of me
When she hears the rifles roar.

7. I'll take my Sharps revolver
And my bandolero so
And with my comrades by my side,
We'll fight a foreign foe!

8. I had a girl I left behind,
And her name was Mary, dear
And I hope that she proves true to me
Whenever I'm not near.

9. And when the war is over
And dear old Ireland's free
I'll take her to the church to wed
And a rebel's wife she'll be.

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