The Turtle-Dove's Nest

Melody -

High up in the pine-tree
The little Turtle-dove
Made a little nursery,
To please her lady love.
She was gentle, she was soft,
And her large, dark eye
Often turned to her mate,
Who was sitting close by.
  "Coo," said the Turtle-dove,
"Coo," said she;
"I love thee," said the Turtle-dove.
"And I love thee."
In the shady branches
Of the dark pine-tree,
Happy were the Doves
In their nursery!

The young Turtle-doves
Never quarrelled in the nest:
They dearly loved each other,
Though they loved their mother best.
"Coo," said the little Doves,
"Coo," said she.
So they cooed together kindly
In the dark pine-tree.

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