A Drop of Brandy-O

The Landlady of France

Melody -

18th Century

A landlady of France loved an officer, 'tis said
And the officer he dearly loved his brandy-o.
Now said she "I dearly love this officer, tho' his nose is red
And his legs are what the regiment calls bandy-o.

But when this bandy officer was ordered to the coast,
Then she tore her lovely locks that looked so sandy-o
"Now goodbye, my love," said she, "when you write please pay the post,
But before we part we'll take a drop of brandy-o."

"Take a bottle of it with you," to the officer she said,
"In your tent, you know, my love will be the dandy-o"
"You're right, my dear," said he, "for a tent is very damp
And 'tis better in my tent to take some brandy-o"

So she filled him up a bumper just before he left the town,
With another for herself so neat and handy-o.
And to keep their droopin' spirits up the poured the spirits down,
For love is like the colic, cured with brandy-o.

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