Cotton-Eyed Joe

Melody -

Far away and long ago,
On the trail to the Alamo
Met a gal I used to know,
Ridin' on a Cotton-eyed Joe

|: Cotton-Eyed Joe,
   Cotton-Eyed Joe,
   Gimme that gal,
   Cotton-Eyed Joe. :|
  I said "Miss do you like to woo?"
She said "Sir, with the likes of you"
I said "Gal, you're a honey bee,
How'd you like to marry me."

Dance I saw in a Texas town,
Boys all swing the gals around
I'll teach you to heel and toe,
Just come off that Cotton-eyed Joe.

Cotton-eyed Joe you mean out-law,
Worst durn Hoss I ever saw
Hold my fiddle and hold my bow,
I'm gonna dance that Cotton-Eyed Joe.

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