The State of Arkansaw

Melody -

1. Come all ye true-bred Irishmen
And listen to my chant;
'Tis all the lamentation
Of an Irish emigrant
Who lately crossed the ocean,
For a fortune thought he saw,
Five hundred men were wanted
In the state of Arkansaw.

2. The first I met was Mr. Brown,
Who came up with a smiling face;
He said, "Lad, come along with me;
I keep a dacent place.'
He fed me on corn dodgers
And his beef you couldn't chaw,
And he charged me fifty cents a day
In the state of Arkansaw.
  3. The next I met was Mr. Green
And a different face had he;
He says, "I keep a dacent place,
Just come along with me:
Give to me five dollars
And a ticket you will draw,
That will put you to work on the railroad
In the state of Arkansaw."

4. I traveled along the railroad
Till I came to Little Rock,
And every depot I came to,
My heart it got a shock,
For the divil a one I met
That day extended me a paw,
Or says, "Pat, you're very welcome
To the state of Arkansaw."

5. Well, now the railroad's finished,
Boys, and I am very glad;
I leave this part of the counteree,
Or else I will go mad.
I'll go to the Cherokee nation
And there I'll marry a squaw,
And as sure as hell I'll bid farewell
To the state of Arkansaw.

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