Melody - several versions

From Augostów & Szypliszki/Suwalki/Podlasie

1. Bodaj ty chmielu na tycki nie la
Ej chmielu, o nieboze
tu zdrow, tu nie moze,
chmielu nieboze.

2. Bodaj ty chmielu - na tobie szyszki,
jak ty wyprowadzas - z klasztoru mniszki
Ej chmielu, o nieboze
sam ci Pan Bóg dopomoze
chmielu nieboze

Chmiel (means hop or hops in English, humle in Danish and Norwegian) is an important part of any Polish wedding customs. The song goes back to the 15th century but could be much older. Chmiel is sung during "oczepiny", that is the part of the wedding processs where the bride gets a "czpiec" (bonnet in English) on her head instead of the "wianek" (garland). To loose "wianek" is in Polish the same as loosing one's status as a wirgin. Chmiel is sung by older, married women during the ceremony. Chmiel on a stick sympolizes old phallic worship.

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