Blow Away the Morning Dew

The Lady's Policy, The Disappointed Lover,
The Baffled Knight, The Cobbler's Lady

Melody - Melody - Melody -

Publ. in Pills to Purge Melancholy, 1719

1. There was a shepherd's son
Kept sheep upon a hill
He laid his pipe and crook aside
And there he slept his fill

2. And sing blow away the morning dew,
The dew and the dew
Blow away the morning dew,
How sweet the winds do blow

3. He looked east and he looked west,
Then he gave an underlook
And there he spied a lady fair
Swimming in a brook

4. He raised his head from his green bed
And then approached the maid
Put on your clothes, my dear, he says,
And be ye not afraid

5. Tis fitter for a lady fair
To sew her silken seam
Than to get up on a May morning
And strive against a stream

6. If you'll not touch my mantle
And let my clothes alone
Then I'll give you as much money
As you can carry home

7. Oh, I'll not touch your mantle
And I'll let your clothes alone
But I'll take you out of the clear water,
My dear, to be my own

8. And when she out of the water came,
He took her in his arms
Put on your clothes, my dear, he says
And hide those lovely charms

9. He mounted her on a milk white steed,
Himself upon another
And all along the way they rode
Like sister and like brother

10. When she came to her father's gate,
She tirled at the pin
And ready stood the porter there
To let this fair maid in

11. And when the gate was opened,
So nimbly's she whipped in
Pough, you're a fool without, she says,
And I'm a maid within

12. Then fare ye well, my modest boy,
I thank you for your care
But had you done what you should do,
I ne'er had left you there

13. Oh, I'll cast off my hose and shoon
And let my feet go bare
And when I meet a bonny lass,
Hang me if her I spare

14. In that you do as you please, she says,
But you shall never more
Have the same opportunity;
With that she shut the door

15. There is a cock in our father's barn,
He never trod a hen
He flies about and flaps his wings,
I think you're one of them

16. There is a flower in our garden,
We call it marigold
He that would not when he might,
He should not when he would

  1. There was a farmer's son
Who led a humble life,
One day in May, he strolled away,
To find himself a wife,

Blow away the morning dew,
The grey morning dew,
Blow away the morning dew
And let the sun come through.

2. While walking toward the town,
He somehow took a look,
And saw a fair young maiden
Bathing in a woodland brook,
He sang: Blow away . . . .

3. She quickly donned a dress,
This girl of grace and charm,
The lad approached and smiled at her
And took her by the arm,
Singing: Blow away . . . .

4. Less than an hour went by,
And love they both could see,
Oh be my bride, he gently sighed,
Though all I have is me,
Singing: Blow away . . . .

5. I care not what you own,
The maiden then replied,
My father is a wealthy Lord,
And I will be thy bride,
Singing: Blow away . . . .

6. They mounted on a mik white steed
And to the castle rode,
Though willingly she would have gone
To share his poor abode,
Singing: Blow away . . . .

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