The Fire Ship

Melody -

As I strolled out one evening,
Out for a night's career,
I spied a lofty ship
And after her did steer.
I hoisted her my signals
Which she very quickly knew;
And when she seed my bunting fly
She immediately hove to.

She's a dark and rolling eye,
And her hair hung down in ringalets.
She was a nice girl, a decent girl,
But one of the rakish kind.

2. "O, sir, you must excuse me
For being out so late,
For if my parents knew of it,
Sad would be my fate.
My father he's a minister,
A good and honest man,
My mother she's a Methodist,
And I do the best I can."

3. I took her to a tavern
And I treated her to wine,
Little did I think she belonged
To the rakish kind.
I handled her, I dandled her,
And found to my surprise,
She was nothing but a fires ship,
Rigged up in a disguise.

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