The Cruel Mother

Melody -

A minister's dochter in the North,
Hey, the rose and the linsie O,
She's fa'en in love wi' her faither's clerk,
Doon by the greenwood sidie, O.

She's coorted him a year and a day,
Till her the young man did betray.

She leaned her back against a tree,
And there the tear did blin' her e'e.

She leaned her back against a thorn,
And there twa bonnie boys has she born.

She's ta'en the napkin frae her neck,
And made to them a winding sheet.

She's ta'en oot her wee penknife,
And quickly twined them o' their life.

She's laid them 'neath a marble stane,
Thinking to gang a maiden hame.
  She looked ower her faither's wa',
And she's seen they twa bonnie boys at the ba'.

"O, bonnie bairns, gin ye were mine,
I would dress ye in the silk sae fine."

"O, cruel mither, when we were thine,
We didna see ocht o' the silk sae fine."

"O, bonnie bairns, come tell to me,
Whit kind o' a deith I'll hae to dee."

"Seven year a fish in the flood,
Seven year a bird in the wood.

Seven years a tongue to the warning bell,
Seven years in the caves o' hell."

"Welcome, welcome, fish in the flood,
Welcome, welcome, bird in the wood.

Welcome, tongue to the warning bell,
But God keep me frae the caves o' Hell."

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