Coulter's Candy

Melody -


Ally, bally, ally bally bee,
Sittin' on yer mammy's knee
Greetin' for anither bawbee,
Tae buy mair Coulter's candy.

Ally. bally, ally, bally bee,
When you grow up you'll go to sea,
Makin' pennies for your daddy and me,
Tae buy mair Coulter's Candy.

1. Johnnie Scott was awfu thin,
His banes were stickin through his skin;
Noo he's got a double chin
Wi eatin Colter's candy.

2. Poor wee soul, you're lookin' very thin
A puckle of bones covered o'er wi' skin
Now you're gettin' a wee double chin
Frae eatin' Coulter's candy

3. Mammy gie me ma thrifty doon
Here's auld Coulter comin' roon
Wi' a basket on his croon
Selling Coulter's Candy.

4. Poor wee Annie's greetin' too,
Sae whit can puir wee Mammy dae
But gie them a penny atween them twae
Tae buy mair Coulter's Candy.

5. Poor wee Jeannie's lookin' affa thin,
A rickle o' banes covered ower wi' skin,
Noo she's gettin' a double chin
Wi' sookin' Coulter's Candy.


6. Oor wee Jennie's greetin' tae
Sae whit can puir auld mammie dae
But gie 'em a penny atween them twae
Tae buy some Coulter's candy.

7. Mammy, gie me ma "thrifty" doon,
Here's auld Coulter comin' roon,
Wi' a basket on his croon
Selling Coulter's candy.

8. Here is Coulter comin' roon,
A big lum hat upon his croon,
He's been roon' aboot the toon
Singin' and sellin' candy.

9. Mammy gi'es my banky doon,
Here's auld Coo'ter comin' roon',
Wi' his basket on his croon
An' sellin' Coo'ter's candy.'

10. Dinna you greet, my wee babby,
You know your daddy's gone to sea,
Earnin' pennies for you and me
To buy some Coo'ter's candy.

11. There's no money for a poor wee soul,
Yer daddie's signing on the dole,
But there's a penny in the sugar bowl
To get your Coulter's candy.

bawbee = half penny
greet = weep
thrifty = purse, piggy bank

"Coulter" was Robert Coltart, who sold his home-made candy round the Borders in the early part of the century.

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